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We offer custom software development, desktop application development, web application development, mobile application development, including offshore software development model.

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As a custom software development company we can develop the exact kind of software which meets your business needs. We are able to cover all necessary phases of software development and maintenance:

  • Development requirements: identifying and interviewing stakeholder, expression, analysis and registration requirements;
  • Product Specification: transformation of technical specification requirements (eg. use Cases, user stories);
  • Architecture: the development structure system / software so that it complies with the specification;
  • Design: implement product architecture in greater detail;
  • Implementation;
  • Quality Assurance / Testing;
  • Documentation;
  • Release: Installation, activation, deactivation, update, adaptation;
  • Maintenance;

We prefer using Agile as a methodology in order to ensure timely availability as the IT market continues to change. Using Agile methodologies also allows flexible changes of direction (even in full) of the product allowing changes to be implemented in a reasonable time and at a high level of quality.


Good design is only the first part of crafting a good user experience. We’ll work with you first to understand exactly who your audience is, and what your project objectives are.


Forex Trade Optimizer

The forex trade optimizer is the first part of an application. Now the Leverage optimisation is available, based on user input values. It also has an account increase calculator to help the trader in planing.   AD FREE

Radio GaGa Live

Application to listen Radio GaGa live. The radio station website gives info about the actual program and music. Enjoy it!

Mici Map&Recipes

Mititei or mici is a traditional Romanian dish. Find or add a new location where you can taste it, invalid locations can be deleted. Read recipes in English, Romanian and Hungarian.   AD FREE

Toggle Mobile Data

Android widget for toggle Mobile data. It listens to the correct network state.

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